atoMc® Banner Install Page

Please use the instructions on these pages if you host your site with:

MBsportsWeb - Premium Sports Websites


Some web hosts do not permit the uploading of the custom HTML code. If this applies to your association's website, please follow these alternative instructions.

Simple 3 Step Process to add an atoMc® Banner to your Website

1. Choose the banner style you would like to add

2. Highlight and Copy the UNIQUE code from the box below

3. Paste the code directly into the HTML code of your website page

atoMc® Banner Option One

atoMc® Banner Option Two

Technical Notes

Please respect McDonald's® Canada marketing. Do not resize the images or alter this code in any way.
The banner images should be considered fresh for a short term ONLY. Do not use long term cache'ing for this item.
The unique code provided allows McDonald's® Canada to monitor image views and click through rates. Only McDonald's® Canada and it's atoMc® partners have access to this data.
From time to time, you may be asked to replace this unique code or be presented with other banner options.
All currently available options will always be found on this page.